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Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events are bespoke events which are individually created for each client.

Events can last between 1 and 5 hours so could be a quick tasting before an evening out or a full session combining some or all of the elements below.

Whichever you opt for it is our primary focus to ensure that events are fun, light-hearted and as interactive as our clients want them to be. If you purely want to taste some beautiful wines and be told all about them while you sit back and relax then we can do this too.

Our Corporate events are all carried out by Company Owner Alison Calder who has 15 year’s experience in the wine industry, the majority of this being with national and international wine companies in which events were a major part of her role.

As our Corporate Events are put together on a bespoke basis please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can put the perfect package together for you. These may include any of the following:

Smelling Competitions

Wine professionals are taught to identify aromas in wines by smelling pots of essence which are made to smell like common wine aromas. This is actually quite tricky but a great ice-breaker and certainly gets the conversation flowing. This can be done by individuals or in teams, is great fun and allows a bit of practice before the main event.

Creating a Brand

Getting the delegates to put their thinking caps on using their business brains instead of their palates. Delegates are tasked at creating a wine brand and taking it to market.

Wine Blending Competition

A team-building activity where delegates create a signature blend from a selection of wines. We judge and choose a winner. This brings out the competitive side in people but does usually lead to the consumption of some wine so it is best held towards the end of the day.

Traditional Tastings

Give the delegates a rest and let us do the hard work. We will select a set number of wines which we bring to life by teaching you how to taste, what you should be picking up in the wines and why the wines taste the way that they do. This is informal and interactive and a great way to make delegates feel at ease.

Blind Tastings

A tasting activity in which delegates taste the wines blind and are tasked at matching the aromas and flavours in the glass with the wines tasting notes in front of them. Highly competitive, great for team work and lots of fun too.