Biancavigna Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Brut DOCG, Italy NV



Have you ever wondered how good Prosecco could actually be? Well let us show you. Biancavigna has a DOCG quality designation which means it is the highest quality Proseccoso you can get. It is made with the best Glera grapes from the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. Labelled as “brut” this is dry and fresh and the kind of sparkling wine that makes your mouth water!

BiancaVigna is a family business with a modern winery which was built in 2008, partially funded by the Rural Development Plan. It is equipped with technologically advanced equipment that has enabled improvements in the quality and production of their sparkling wines whilst operating in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This has been a gamechanger for the winery. In just over 10 years, BiancaVigna has established itself as a leading producer of Prosecco.

This Prosecco is very typical with elegant aromas of distinctive apple, pear skin and citrus notes. The palate is soft and creamy, brimming with juicy ripe pear flesh with a vivacious and fruity aftertaste. A delicate mineral taste dominates the finish with a good persistency. It feels as light and clean on your tongue as a snowflake.

Prosecco is one of the world’s most beloved Italian wines, perfect as an Aperitivo but with a versatility that also makes it ideal with many dishes. Its delicate, fruity flavour makes it particularly suitable for traditional dishes from Veneto and Friuli, the areas where Prosecco is produced, like fresh handmade pasta with an anchovy sauce, grilled sardines, grainy parmesan or prosciutto. You can also pair it with more refined combinations such as those with shellfish or stuffed pasta.

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