Los Haroldos Chacabuco Viognier, Mendoza, Argentina 2020



It is hard to believe that Viognier as a grape variety was almost extinct in 1980 and now it is filling such a huge gap in the market for those consumers who like wines that are a little bit fuller bodied but who don’t like Chardonnay or that oaky style. These Viognier grapes are grown in the high altitude vineyards of Mendoza between 800 and 1100 metres above sea level. This is land that is usually reserved for the Malbec grape but it is equally perfect for white wines. The vineyards get lovely and warm during the day which helps to ripen the grapes but they get really cold at night. This massively slows down the ripening period and allows the grapes to develop lots of complex characteristics. Yields are limited meaning the vine can focus all of its energy on producing fewer grapes, these grapes are subsequently better quality and more flavoursome. The quality is then enhanced further by the judicious grape selection process.

The multi award winning Los Haroldos is a family owned, family run winery which has now been passed on through 3 generations. The front of the bottle shows their journey which started with a young man (Don Lolo Falasco) taking bottles of wine into Buenos Aires in the basket on the front of his bicycle to sell. They then followed their dreams and moved to Mendoza to build a winery, it is now full of state of the art winemaking equipment and they are producing a wide range of award winning wines at varying price points. Awarding body Harpers Wine Stars confirms that with their latest vintages “they continue to produce excellent wines with a very good price-quality relationship”, in other words – they are fantastic value for money.

Classic Viognier characteristics of peach and apricot fruit shine through with some floral and aromatic notes and a long finish. Medium bodied but maintaining a freshness and vibrancy. Absolutely beautiful!

The fuller bodied nature of this wine makes it perfect with roasted white meats, try it with pork belly.

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