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Vinos Más Buscados, Te Quiero, Field Blend White, La Mancha, Spain 2018



Literally meaning “the most wanted”, Vinos Más Buscados is a collection of wines grown and nurtured in the Southern half of Spain, mainly in the area known as La Mancha.

Inspired by Spain’s largely untapped fine wine resources, friends, colleagues and Masters of Wine, Fergal Tynan and Giles Cooke set off on a journey to find the unsung heroes of Spain, be they regions, growers or winemakers. Fergal’s interest in wine terroirs and Giles’ instincts for flavour, led them to unearth great Spanish wines whose stories were untold. Each wine is hand made. Each wine reflects the personality of the land and is a reflection of all that is best in modern Spanish wine making yet with an eye on tradition.

Much of Spain’s vineyards are devoted to the famous grape varieties that we all know and love but there are still small plots of older, native varieties that farmers have preserved out of a sense of pride or interest in their history. Today we recognise more and more the value of this diversity and the wealth of flavours of some of these older varieties. The small amount of these grapes that remain means it is not possible to vinify them separately so the grapes tend to be harvested together as a Field Blend.

What a refreshing change it is to have something so rustic, so traditional and yet still so delicious and it is organic too! This is full of some of our favourite flavour characteristics, stone fruits are accompanied by exotic notes like mango and lychee with a floral finish. This is a classic warm climate wine with lots of flavour intensity and warming fruit so it is a gorgeous food wine.

Perfect with teriyaki salmon and Spanish ham croquettes with cheese.

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