We are extremely proud of the positive testimonials and reviews that we receive on an ongoing basis.

Our customer service and our customers experiences are of primary importance to us and we always aim to go that extra mile to make your experience the best it can possibly be.

“I can’t thank Alison enough for last night! My friends and I had an amazing evening of wine tasting with paired nibbles – all from the comfort of my own home! The wines Alison chose for us (based on wines I had told her I liked which was great as it added a personal touch to the night) were all gorgeous. We played games which made it loads of fun and different from any wine tasting I’ve done before! Alison is so knowledgable and it really shows how passionate she is about what she does! I’d highly recommend her for anyone looking to do something a bit different! I’ll definitely be buying my wine from The Bubbly Wine Company in the future!”

Sam – Private Event, Heaton Moor – January 18

“Fantastic night, really fun and informative. Thank you – looking forward to the next one”

Deborah – Wine Club, Heald Green – November 17

“Thank you Alison for my wines which were delivered by hand with all lovely labels about each individual wine, so far have enjoyed them all so spoilt for choice, Alison is so knowledgeable I could listen all night to her well it is my favourite subject!”

Lynn – Wine Lover, Hazel Grove – September 2017

“I’d like to recommend the fabulous Alison Calder from The Bubbly Wine Company who again just offers the best value and service around for wines and fizz! I’m having a party tomorrow night and wanted to keep the budget sensible on the fizz front as it’s a BBQ so lots of eating and drinking! I asked her advice for a reasonably priced quaffable pink fizz, she recommend this little beauty AND dropped it off for me too! If you drink wine I urge you to try Alison instead of buying from a supermarket. She’s competitively priced, incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and approachable and so friendly! And she drops it off locally, perfect!!! So even if it’s raining tomorrow night, we got the booze sorted”

Penny – Wine Lover, Cheadle – August 2017

“Thank you Alison for having been extremely thorough and attentive when I made a special request for some wines on a ‘silver’ theme (name/packaging, not contents!) for a Silver Wedding gift. I also ordered a mixed case for my Dad and Alison took the time to add a tag to each bottle with a description of the wine, which we really enjoyed browsing. I’d love to have Alison round to host a wine tasting evening, just need to find the right moment! Highly recommended, thanks Alison for doing a lovely job!”

Jo – Wine Lover, Poynton – June 17

“I ordered wine from Alison and live out of the area at the moment. We had some delivery issues which weren’t Alison’s fault but she did everything she could to fix the problem and added a little extra treat too. Ladies, if you like your wine then you can’t go wrong, fantastic service.”

Chris – Online Wine Shop, Northampton – June 17

“I love getting my wine delivered…. I leave Alison to choose, which is always spot on…it feels like a real treat. Can’t wait to try one of your events. Thanks for all the thought you put into it Alison”.

Anglea – Wine Lover, Cheadle – May 17

“I’ve recently developed a taste for Bottega Rose and I’d left it a bit last minute last Friday to stock up before a dinner party… the fabulous Alison came to my rescue and hand delivered two enormous bottles of the pink fizz an hour later, much to my utter delight! Service like that you can only get from a local business and I’m so grateful to her for helping me at such short notice. She’s so knowledgeable about wine and I love her approach to it, her wine tasting evenings making great wines accessible instead of being stuck with whatever the supermarkets chuck out! Thanks again Alison and I’ll never buy another bottle of plonk from a supermarket again when I have you around the corner”

Penny – Online Wine Shop, Cheadle – May 17

“We went to a wine tasting event at the Galley last night. Alison is very knowledgeable and lovely. We all enjoyed the evening and at £20 for 8 different wines great value!””

Sue – Wines of Languedoc Roussillon @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – May 17

“We recently took my parents in law to one of The Bubbly Wine Company’s ticketed events at Café 31 Poynton – Australia vs New Zealand. It was a fantastic night and we all enjoyed it a lot. Alison who owns the company is so knowledgeable about the wines that she “presents” and makes the evenings really interesting. It was a great way to spend a few hours on a Friday night… thank you Alison”

Caroline – Australia v’s New Zealand @ Café 31, Poynton – April 17

“Would like to recommend Alison Calder and The Bubbly Wine Company for a fantastic private wine tasting event we held for my birthday last weekend. It was a fabulous evening and we all had such a great, fun time. Highly recommended for all ages (of drinking age of course). We also buy our wine from Alison who can source some fabulous wines taking into account your likes”

Julie – Private Event, Bramhall – February 17

“Before Christmas, I ordered a small number of bottles of wine on Alison’s online store… I was looking for something a bit different but didn’t want to pay extortionate amounts. Having been to a fabulous tasting event earlier this year, I knew that Alison had great taste in the wine she stocked and at affordable prices. The icing on the cake was that even though I only ordered a very small number of bottles, they were delivered, free of charge by Alison personally! The wine was a huge hit with all recipients and I will definitely be ordering more very soon! Thanks Alison”

Sarah – Online Wine Shop – Jan 16

“I ordered two bottles of prosecco for £10 and they were delivered to my work by a lovely lady. I then needed three further bottles of wine, all different varieties and I don’t drink wine so I had no idea! I messaged Alison, and she hand picked me three different bottles to suit my budget. She really knows her stuff! She really helped me as I really had no clue where to even start. If you’re looking for drinks for Christmas or presents! Look no further!! Thankyou Alison”

Emily- Online Wine Shop – December 16

“Alison is amazing and will always order our wine through her now. Every recommendation has been spot on”

Julie – Online Wine Shop – December 16

“Love Alison from The Bubbly Wine Company, nothing is too much trouble and always spot on with recommendations.. just been texting her now re some Christmas gifts and she’s always there to help out … Can’t wait to go to some of her events next year and book some more private events in”

Caroline – Online Wine Shop, Hazel Grove – December 16

“Alison has just launched her own wine selling service as well as doing wine tasting events. I told her what types of wines my Hubby likes and she matched up some lovely wines for him. I also love her rose wine that she suggested I try. Am now going to be a regular wine customer of hers. She has some great choices x”

Julie – Online Wine Shop – December 16

“I’d love to recommend (for the second time in as many months) Alison of The Bubbly Wine Company This time, not for her wine tasting, amazing as it was (we’ve already booked in for our second) but for another service she offers. The Bubbly Wine Company…Shop! Every year my husband and I purchase Wine, Champagne and Prosecco from a well know retailer for his employees. It’s a time consuming and complicated job when you’re not a connoisseur (for the amount I drink I should be)… and have limited knowledge on grapes, countries, vintage etc This year we decided to pass the job to Alison. We discussed who we were buying for, what price range we were looking at (complicated when your buying over 100 bottles of wine, at varying budgets and for different tastes). We were happy to let Alison do all the work and come back to us with recommendations, which she did. This lady really knows her stuff. We loved all her choices and the attention to detail. She had really listened, knew her stuff and knew what to deliver. The hand written labels describing the wine, grape and style along with some food pairings was also a beautiful finishing touch. Thank you Alison my new BFF”

Katie – Wine Lover – December 16

“Alison did a private wine tasting event at our friends house for her birthday. Great fun and informative night and get to try lots of wines which I wouldn’t have chosen before. Also great as you can order the wines you like best. Booking for my birthday now”

Julie – Private Event – October 16

“Enlightening and fun evening. Alison clearly knows her stuff!”

Audrey – Wines of the Rhone @ Time and Place, Heaton Moor – September 16

“We are regulars at Alison’s wine tastings but no two tastings are the same. We learn something new every time and the wines are always of a high quality”

Alison and Liam – Wines of the Rhone @ Café 31, Poynton – September 16

“Lovely night, vouchers bought as a birthday present. Great knowledge and insight into the wines. Improved my awareness and knowledge of the wines. Thank you”

Jenny – Wine of The Rhone @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 16

“My first time at a Bubbly Wine event, very enjoyable and very informative, would definitely recommend and book for another event. Thank you”

Chris – Wine of The Rhone @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 16

“Another fab night with a great range of wines. Extremely informative and Alison brings the wines to life. Thank you”

Ang and Karl – Wines of the Rhone @ Café 31, Poynton – September 16

Wine mmm! Loved drinking whilst Alison explained. Thank you. Great evening

John – Wines of the Rhone @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 16

“Had a great night. Loved the fact that Alison gave us facts about the region. Good company and very relaxed atmosphere”

Arlene – Wine of The Rhone @ Time and Place, Heaton Moor – September 16

“Really enjoyed the evening. It was mine and my friend’s first event and we felt very welcomed. Alison was very friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Would recommend the evening. Thank you”

Becky – Wines of the Rhone @ Time and Place, Heaton Moor – September 16

“Lovely informative evening with my mum – We’ll be back”

Charlotte – Wine of The Rhone @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 16

“Really good relaxing evening, found a red wine I could enjoy. Very friendly, highly recommended”

Jackie – Wines of the Rhone @ Time and Place, Heaton Moor – September 16

“Very informative, fun evening. Not being a wine drinker it was good to try a selection of wines I would never have chosen. Alison was very friendly and a great host”

Sara – Wines of the Rhone @ Time and Place, Heaton Moor – September 16

“Friendly, widely knowledgeable hostess, presented a beautiful array of wines. We’ll be sure to come again to learn more. Enjoyed another fantastic evening”

Katie B and Katie H – Wines of the Rhone @ Café 31, Poynton – September 16

“Wine tasting at The Galley was amazing. Lovely wine, very educational!! Great food and friendly company. Would definitely recommend”

Fran – Wines of the Rhone @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 16

“To celebrate my father in laws 70th birthday we wanted to do something a little different and as my mother in law has limited mobility it needed to be something we could do at home. I came across Alison on Facebook and got in touch with her to chat about a wine tasting event. Alison was quick to reply and followed her message to me up with an informative phone call to discuss our options. From the moment we booked our evening in Alison was in regular contact discussing the plan for the evening, wines and a couple of fabulous party games. She even organised our canapés and Cheese board for the evening to make sure they complimented the wines she had selected for us. The evening was a complete success, there was even the option to purchase the wines we had tried. Alison was very informative, organised and prepared, knew her stuff, friendly, relaxed and not at all pushy when it came to purchasing any wines at the end of the evening. Everyone enjoyed the games and sampling the wine and I well I’ve already booked in our next wine tasting evening already. What’s not to love about a girl that knows her wine. Highly recommend for a fabulous and fun filled evening”

Katie- Private Event – August 16

“We had our private wine tasting event last night and it was brilliant ! Alison made it all so easy for me , we had 8 gorgeous wines to taste and she sorts it all out, she also arranged canapés which the lovely Heather from The Galley in Cheadle provided . It was such a fun and interesting night , definitely recommended if you want to do something different , hubby said it was one of his best presents ever and he’s hard to please!!!”

Karen – Private Tasting – July 16

“Lovely, relaxed evening. Gorgeous wines and loved the info regarding each wine. So interesting”

Catherine – Sumer Wines @ The Board Cafe Bar Cheadle Hulme – June 16

“Awesome evening. Alison was very informative and friendly”

Steve – Summer Wines @ The Board Café Bar, Cheadle Hulme – June 16

“We had The Bubbly Wine Company hold a private event at our house on Saturday evening for my birthday. It was such a huge success with everyone commenting how much they enjoyed it. Alison Calder is great and she made sure there was a wine that everybody enjoyed, Would highly recommend for something different”.

Catherine – Private Event, Hazel Grove – March 16

“Alison did a wine tasting event for my husbands birthday last night. She had a tough crowd as everybody that came all like different wines, but there was something for everybody. It was such a fun, relaxed evening and she’s so knowledgeable. I can’t recommend her enough”

Catherine – Private Event – January 16

“Alison has recommended some fab wines (to an absolute amateur) and is going to put together mixed cases for me every couple of months-can’t wait”

Deborah – Wine Club – December 15

“Most enjoyable, interesting, fab history and knowledge of Argentina, interesting tastes, amazing smells, loving the comments and company were fabulous bunch, would always come again – thanks”

Adele – Wines of Argentina @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – October 15

“Very informative and lots of fun! Found wines I didn’t think I liked but fell in love with”

Chloe – Wines of Argentina @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – October 15

“Really enjoyable. Good choice of wines and polished glasses”

Simon – Wines of Argentina @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – October 15

“Excellent evening. Alison is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm is infectious. Definitely will recommend to my friends. Lovely, fun, entertaining evening”

Rosemary – Wines of the Loire @ The Galley Deli Cheadle – September 15

“Fabulous night – thank you Alison! Brilliant wine tasting and excellent knowledge”

Alex- Private Tasting, Cheadle Hulme – September 15

“Lovely evening, brilliantly presented and an ideal venue. Thank you”

Kate – Wines of the Loire @ Cafe 31, Poynton – September 15

“Informative, warm and charismatic…Would definitely recommend”

Lauren – Wines of Spain @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – September 15

“An excellent evening. My wife surprised me and my friends with a wine tasting. Alison’s knowledge of wine was amazing. Thank you.”

Ian – Private Tasting, Cheadle Hulme – September 15

“Excellent tasting – very informative & delivered in a user friendly tone. Great range of wines. The smell test was interesting – some very obvious, some less so! We would certainly come to future tastings, and outside Poynton”

Liam and Alison – Wines of the Loire @ Cafe 31, Poynton – September 15

“Fab evening! So interesting and learned so much! Will definitely be back again with friends”

Lorrie – Wines of The Loire @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 15

“Enjoyable evening. Excellent presentation. Engaging presenter and very knowledgeable ”

Karen- Wines of the Loire @ Cafe 31, Poynton – September 15

“Really enjoyable night, really informative, opened my eyes to wines I never thought I would like”

Nic – Wines of the Loire @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – September 15

“Really enjoyable. Alison was the perfect balance – bubbly and friendly but didn’t dominate! Really great evening – perfect for a group of friends – you should definitely market this angle as people might not realise how much fun and how accessible and civilised it is”

Chloe – Private Tasting, Cheadle Hulme – September 15

“Another FAB night full of great information on wine. AND THAT’S A FACT”

Nick – Wines of The Loire @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 15

“Really enjoyable, friendly event. Learned a lot. Would come again and bring friends, however fine to come solo. Cafe 31 good venue”

Jane – Wines of the Loire @ Cafe 31, Poynton – September 15

“Interesting, as not sure what to think. Excellent venue, excellent tasting, learned a lot about wine types and was a chance to extend knowledge from the supermarket shelf”

Sheila – Wines of The Loire @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – September 15

“Lovely evening, absolutely brilliant. Loved not having to queue up at a bar”

Katherine – Wines of the Loire @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – September 15

“Fantastic, as always. Love the Faithful Hound white and Gewurztraminer”

Neil – Wines of South Africa @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – August 15

“Absolutely fantastic evening. Thank you so much. I wish you lots of success for your venture and will see you soon”

Rachael – Wines of South Africa @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – August 15

“Fantastic night, really fun and informative. Thank you – looking forward to the next one”

Viv – Wines of South Africa @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – August 15

“Really fun, informative and we’re really excited for the next one. Lovely girl hosting”

Lucy- Wines of South Africa @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – August 15

“Brilliant – Well done! You seem very knowledgeable and made the stories interesting. Love the quiz”

Sharon – Wines of South Africa @ Backs Deli, Heaton Moor – August 15

“Super night, super wines – most enjoyable and fun. No pressure (to buy) which is so important. Absolutely great”

Gill – Wines of South Africa @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – August 15

“Great night with great wine and great people. Handwriting not too great after all of the wine”

Rebecca – Wines of South Africa @ Back’s Deli Heaton Moor – August 15

“I love it! Best wine night I have ever been to. Thank you”

Heather – Wines of South Africa @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – August 15

“Loved the night, I think it’s definitely a monthly wine club”

Natalie- Wines of South Africa @ The Galley Deli, Cheadle – August 15

“Brilliant night, well done Ali”

Lianne – Wines of The Loire @ The Board Cafe Bar, Cheadle Hulme – July 15