To 2020 and Pushing Our Wine Boundaries

All of the stats say that the UK consumer is drinking less, but better. The “less” I find hard to believe with our customer base, but maybe that’s just Cheshire where more bubbly is consumed per head than anywhere outside of Paris! The “better” however, I can wholeheartedly say I do believe. The UK consumer is more fascinated than ever by the tipple in their glass, wine education is on the up and wines from grape varieties that are relatively new to the UK market are allowing us to experiment with something different. Two of the most popular wines we showed at tasting events last year were made from native Spanish grape varieties, Mencia and Godello, fairly new on the UK wine scene and super trendy. On the flip side what we are also seeing is a huge resurgence in some extremely traditional wines. Vinho Verde for example was one of our best-selling white wines last year. This is a wine which has been produced since around the Sixteenth Century and is thought to have been the first Portuguese wine exported to other European markets, it is back with a bang and exceptional value for money. Sherry bars are also popping up everywhere (which I would highly recommend visiting) and even Lambrusco is being served in some of London’s most trendy restaurant (and yes a good Lambrusco is sensational).

So once Dry January is over, and right now if you are not partaking, I urge you to keep exploring, to try something new, to step outside of your comfort zone and keep learning. Wine is a lifelong love affair of mine and I learn something new pretty much every day. Follow our blog this year where I will be posting about wines worth trying, discussing the latest trends, giving food and wine recommendations and lots more. I hope you will join us for the ride. Cheers – Here’s to drinking beautiful wines in 2020

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